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The 12 Steps to Happiness

"Many of us working the Twelve Steps may sometimes wonder, 'Am I really working my program to the fullest?'  Though the Steps themselves are simple, the individuals working them are infinitely complicated.  The rigors of recovery can get the best of us, distracting us from the program that will lead us back to health.

"In this expanded edition of his classic handbook, Joe Klaas breaks down the language of each Step, explaining the resistance's and misunderstandings that might arrive when working that Step.  Each chapter is a conceptual blockbuster that invites us to explore for ourselves the Step's true meaning and to reflect on the impact it will have on our lives.

"A useful touchstone for anyone recovering through an Anonymous fellowship, THE 12 STEPS TO HAPPINESS can help us find the tools to work our programs.  And for those of us who simply yearn for a more sane, healthy way to live in an increasingly chaotic world, the Twelve Steps can lead to a better way of life."

--Hazelden Foundation

Books In Print
By Joe Klaas

Drug Addiction and Recovery
Staying Clean
Staying Clean uses the same principles of recovery from drug addiction that Bill Wilson's classic book, Living Sober, applies for survival from alcoholism.
Non Fiction, History
Amelia Earhart Lives; a trip through intrigue to find America's first lady of mystery
A trip through intrigue to find America's First Lady of Mystery.  What really happened to Amelia Earhart when she disappeared without a trace on her round-the-world flight in 1937?
Recovery, Nonfiction
The 12 Steps to Happiness
A handbook for working Twelve Step Programs for alcoholism, codependency, eating disorders and other addictions.
War Fiction
Maybe I'm Dead
"Here is the epic story of one of the great marches of history, a march made in forty degrees below zero by ten thousand American and Allied airmen, prisoners in Nazi Germany, during the final desperate months of the war. Man is its hero; it's impact is unforgettable."

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