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Maybe I'm Dead

"If there is such a thing as hell, this is it!  The best war novel since The Naked and the Dead."
--Cleveland Press

"One of the sharpest, most dramatic, most brutal  stories ever to be written about...any war...truly great."
--Springfield News and Leader

"Remarkably graphic and gripping...has the impact of overwhelming reality as well as tremendous narrative drive...not just another story of duress and escape, but a novel of men under unbelievable stress.  ...A classic...An unforgettable story of men fighting against fearful odds."
--Boston Herald

In January 1945 the Russian offensive had reached within seven miles of the somber prison camp at Sagan.  The prisoners' dreams were agonizingly close to being realized.  Then, with only four hours notice, they were ordered to march west, away from freedom into more months of captivity.

Out into the night, therefore, the long, winding column began the march.  Some men proved to be heroes; in some the moral fiber snapped.  Under the unbearable ordeal some sank down by the road and died.  Some few rose to the heights of sacrifice.  To all of them as they huddled in the icy winds, memories returned at intervals, heartbreaking memories of days when they were free and proud and owned the sky.

How more than ten-thousand freezing men survived and nearly three-thousand fell by the wayside to be shot or frozen to death is an agonizing tale by one who was actually there and personally experienced the horror and lived to write this unforgettable portrait of what actually happened to these unsung heroes of World War II.

Maybe I'm Dead is an epic account of what young men in history's greatest human conflict suffered so all of us may enjoy the prize they won for us--unfettered, unabashed freedom.  

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By Joe Klaas

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War Fiction
Maybe I'm Dead
"Here is the epic story of one of the great marches of history, a march made in forty degrees below zero by ten thousand American and Allied airmen, prisoners in Nazi Germany, during the final desperate months of the war. Man is its hero; it's impact is unforgettable."

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